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Looking for and finding an accomodation on the shore of Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre) also means choosing a cosy and peaceful location, in direct contact with the sea, where the daily problems are forgotten. To this aim we propose the “La Marina” flat, on fourth floor and composed of a double room (or two single beds) […]

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Watching the sea and the horizon instills into you the sensation of plunging into endless spaces, aware that nature is a mysterious and fascinating world. Being accomodated at Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre) during your holiday, while appreciating its splendid landscape, also means enjoying a large lodging, equipped with comfortable facilities, just like the “L’Orizzonte” apartment can […]

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If your family and friends like the simple and genuine lifestyle of a sea village, the “Il Carrugio” apartment is the ideal choice for you. Rooms are located on two different floors, in a traditional ligurian context, in a peaceful area, in the alleys where houses are painted in bright colours and decorated by flowers. […]

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